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White Russian Fast Version

Super-frosted and uber-cool.
  • Indica Dominant
  • High THC
  • Very Quick Flowering
  • Energizing buzz
  • Citrusy notes
  • 800 gm/plant

Two of the most recognizable genetics in the world collide, giving birth to a hybrid that went on to win the 1996 High Times Cannabis Cup. White Russian, a White Widow x AK-47 cross, was also at one time the most potent strain in the world. The sweet... Read More

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Kyle Kushman
Kushman Says:
Easy to grow with extremely rewarding nugs.
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White Russian Fast Version

STRAIN PROFILE White Russian Fast Version

Yield Indoor 450 g/m2
Yield Outdoor 800 gr/plant
THC 22%
CBD 0.6%
HEIGHT 80 - 160 cm
anxiety arthritis depression insomnia migranes stress
creative energetic euphoric focused happy relaxed uplifted
citrus earthy pungent skunk spicy sweet
temperate_continental sunny_mediterranean
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White Russian Fast Version Profile by Kyle Kushman

Two of the most recognizable genetics in the world collide, giving birth to a hybrid that went on to win the 1996 High Times Cannabis Cup. White Russian, a White Widow x AK-47 cross, was also at one time the most potent strain in the world. The sweet, fruity aroma may not seem ominous. However, lurking beneath the surface is a monster capable of delivering a devastatingly relaxing body stone.

White Widow exerts tremendous influence. Showcasing frosty white trichomes hence the name, it is a potent strain that has been a staple of Dutch coffeeshops since the 90s. Besides an energizing, highly euphoric buzz characterizing its effects, it is also one of the easiest to cultivate at home.

White Russian’s genotype resembles AK-47 more though. The notorious strain is better known for inducing deep body relaxation. It does so while keeping the mind clear, without the lethargy associated with many varieties of its kind.

Homegrown Cannabis Co. - the world’s leading supplier of elite strains - provides fast-flowering seeds of this strain. After years of infusing Ruderalis genes and selective breeding, a female White Russian with all the desirable traits for consumption and cultivation emerged. It remains a photoperiod plant with one fundamental difference - quick flowering time, usually cutting down this period by two weeks. Moreover, these are also female seeds with no hermaphroditic qualities.

Growing White Russian from Fast Version Seeds

White Russian is perfectly suitable for indoor cultivation. It is a medium-sized plant that boasts of numerous lateral branches. Although infused with the genes of a Ruderalis, these fast version seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co. remains dependent on light schedules. However, it did add to the robustness and hardiness of the plant. Still, having dense foliage entails pruning and trimming to keep the lower parts well ventilated and thus avoid moisture-related problems.

After the seedlings appear, care and maintenance are not any different from plants started from regular seeds. Initially, the nutrients provided should be 1/3 of the manufacturer's recommendation. These can then be gradually increased as needed. Using organic soil as the medium is not only conducive to the production of terpenes but also allows a degree of tolerance with regards to pH level.

Hydroponics is also a fantastic option as the plants could grow at an explosive rate with direct feeding to the roots. However, monitoring the pH fluctuation is also much more needed to prevent any issues on the uptake. When paired with 600 watts HPS, the average yield is around 450 grams per square meter.

In the outdoors, the harvest occurs during the early days of October. Each plant could produce a whopping 800 grams under expert hands.

White Russian is not a challenging strain and is therefore suitable for beginners. On traits, it does not deviate much from the regular photoperiod varieties. However, its fast-flowering nature shortens the growth cycle by cutting down the flowering stage by two weeks.

Even before the emergence of the large, highly resinous buds, it also emits a strong odor. Hence, installing an odor-control filter is necessary to avoid flooding the house or letting the scent escape into the neighborhood.


Fragrance and Flavor

White Russian Fast Version emits a pungent, exotic concoction blending an earthy odor with sweet, spicy, skunky, and citrusy notes.


White Russian Fast Version kicks off its unique brand of high with a euphoric, energizing buzz reminiscent of White Widow. It knocks out the cobwebs and worries, thus ushering in the sense of happiness. Moreover, it does not only clear the head but also stimulates creative thinking. Even as ideas and thoughts pop in, it does not lead to a trippy ride. Mainly, that is because this strain also enhances the ability to focus.

Stay productive is not an issue at this point early on. This strain keeps the motivation to complete tasks or engage in physical activities high. However, the upbeat demeanor gradually dissipates as the physical effects work its way into the body.

The soothing sensation helps calm the muscles and the nerves, loosening tightness. Tensions leaving the body further uplifts the mood. As the intensity reaches its peak, it is almost impossible not to succumb to the profound relaxation. Sitting back on the couch becomes irresistible. While most people tend to remain mentally alert, some may also experience a hazy, dreamy high or fall into introspection. Ultimately, most people drift off to sleep.

Some adverse effects include cottonmouth and dry eyes. Having a headache is also possible. In case of abrupt movements, momentary dizziness could be triggered. In extreme cases, such as when the intake of THC is excessive, then this strain might induce paranoia or anxiety.


The White Russian grown from fast-flowering seeds is no slouch when it comes to therapeutic abilities. At the very least, it is highly proficient in wiping out stress. In fact, even recreational consumers could benefit as stress has indeed become a way of life.

Beyond uplifting the spirit, melting away negative thoughts, it is the anti-depressant and anxiolytic properties contained in this strain that helps reduce symptoms associated with depression and anxiety. Keeping the dosage minimal is of utmost importance so as not to worsen these concerns.

Getting rid of physical discomforts is also attainable. White Russian has strong analgesic properties to ward off pains caused by numerous illnesses. Anti-inflammatory properties also aid in this process as well as in bringing calm to the body.

At the height of the psychoactive high, the sedating qualities of this strain also induce sleepiness. Hence, it could be a useful aid in cutting down sleep latency, thus benefitting insomniacs, for instance.

White Russian Fast Version Seeds

White Russian is the marriage of two legends - White Widow and AK-47. It carries many of the traits that made the parent strains highly-regarded. For one, it has the potential to deliver a stimulating onset followed by deep relaxation. More importantly, it could also help ward off stress, depression, and debilitating pains.

For home cultivation, it is not a delicate plant to manage that even beginners could nurture successfully. The seeds are also feminized. Hence, the chances of males showing up are extremely low - Homegrown Cannabis Co. ensures that by providing the highest quality seeds. Best of all, the flowering time could be as quick as six weeks - without compromising the quality of the buds and the yield.