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Medicinal plant with a wonderfully uplifting high.
  • Very High THC
  • Indica Dominant
  • Easy To Grow
  • High THC
  • Sedative buzz
  • 350 g/m2

Hailing from one continent to another, Yumbolt has traveled far before hitting it big in the cannabis market. The strain is somewhat challenging to find and reveals its availability on the shelves once in a blue moon. When it does, it sells out in wh... Read More

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Kyle Kushman
Kushman Says:
Yumbolt meets ruderalis to create a fantastic autoflowering strain that’s easy to grow and quick to finish.
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Yumbolt Autoflower

STRAIN PROFILE Yumbolt Autoflower

Yield Indoor 350 g/m2
Yield Outdoor 50 - 150 gr/plant
THC 24%
CBD 0.7%
HEIGHT 70 - 140 cm
anxiety arthritis depression inflammation migranes nausea stress
euphoric relaxed
berry pine spicy sweet tropical
temperate_continental sunny_mediterranean
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Yumbolt Autoflower Profile by Kyle Kushman

Hailing from one continent to another, Yumbolt has traveled far before hitting it big in the cannabis market. The strain is somewhat challenging to find and reveals its availability on the shelves once in a blue moon. When it does, it sells out in what feels like a blink of an eye. But all good things come to those who wait, and it is definitely worthy. Dominating the body with Indica qualities, its heavy-handed nature leaves a long-lasting relaxation in users.

Bred in California's Humboldt County, its lineage came from two indispensable landrace strains.

The pot's commanding high grips the whole body in a sedative buzz, which is reminiscent of an Afghani. A legend in its own right and a parent to many great strains scattered around the world, it's no wonder how Yumbolt inherited its star quality.

Its euphoric lift feels like an exhilarating hike up the Himalayas, the very origin of its other indigenous parent. Contrary to the harsh setting, its high doesn't take users on a brutal psychedelic trip. Instead, it greets with a gentle elevation that brings the mind to newer heights.

The result is this elusive strain that stood out in the thriving marijuana industry. Despite its rarity, it created a solid reputation of being a potent cannabis with a soaring yet relaxing trip.

Growing Yumbolt from Autoflowering Seeds

While it's a challenging variant to find, Yumbolt's landrace genetics make it relatively easy to cultivate. Even more so its Homegrown Cannabis auto seeds. An innately sturdy plant, blending its genetics with Lowryder's made it a much tougher strain. It requires just enough amount of TLC and experience to grow a successful harvest.

The plant bears a humongous cola of dense, pinecone-shaped buds.  Each one with streaks of fiery pistils scattered like a blaze. With a thick layer of resin, the nuggets show a definite sign of its impressive potency. From germination to harvest, growers need only wait for 9 to 10 weeks to reap the fruits of their labor.

Although of indigenous parentage that grows in the wild outdoors, Yumbolt auto is best grown indoors. Due to its short lifespan and quick growth, it won't have time to recover from any injury that the whims of nature may bring. Additionally, such variant needs 18 to 20 hours of light to produce copious amounts of buds. Managing both factors comes easy in a controlled setting.

Planting the auto seeds in either soil or hydroponics allows them to mature handsomely. To enhance the flavor and scent of the buds, growers must use the first mentioned medium. Batch growers of at least 4 auto Yumbolts may also boost the yield of their babies up to 350 grams per square meter by employing a Sea of Green setup.

Cultivators in locations with constant sunshine and pleasant all-around conditions can grow the pot outdoors. The turnout, however, will not be as profuse. In the most optimal environment such as the Mediterranean, it may give up to 150 grams each. Usually, though, alfresco growing only yields around 50 grams per plant.

To increase the overall produce, growers can raise in batches and have more than one growing season. In the northern hemisphere, Yumbolt fans can enjoy at least 2 harvests. Simply start once the last frost has disappeared and time the last reap no later than end of October.

Fragrance and Flavor

A whiff of this ganja immerses users in a tropical rainforest. The bracing scent of pine entraps the soul in nature, and its spicy kick towards the end refreshes the mind. The taste is sweeter than it sounds. It's almost like eating wild berries in this cannabis jungle. Both bring a pleasant experience to tokers, making it easier to lose oneself in this adventurous high.


Yumbolt may come and go in the cannabis market, but it has built a solid reputation for itself. With a far-reaching THC content of up to 24%, this strain truly leaves a mark with its penetrating potency and full-body relaxation. Do note, though, that beginners and those with low THC tolerance should tread this strain lightly.

The pot's small share of Sativa provides a euphoric lift that keeps the mood light for the next two to four hours. It lets the mind wander as the weed's robust Indica capacity calms the body. With its over the moon high, enjoyers fall asleep with a wide smile.

Within just a few minutes, the joint's powerful physical buzz will creep in like an anaconda. Slowly, it will wrap users in a tight hold that intensifies over time. Although it isn’t known to trap users in a couch lock, as the high onsets, it will likely lead to drowsiness.


As mentioned, Yumbolt does not grace the shelf of dispensaries often. Nonetheless, its THC content and other robust properties keep the strain highly coveted.

Being mostly Indica, the comforting buzz mainly focuses on body-centric advantages. Its combination of analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and muscle-relaxing traits make it a triple threat against pain-causing ailments such as eye pressure, PMS, and migraines. Tensions, pains, and aches melt away until there is nothing left.

Yumbolt's gentle wave of euphoria also keeps the users' in high spirits. It uplifts the soul and bestows a positive mental state. As psychological stressors drift away, people suffering from the likes of depression, PTSD, chronic stress, and anxiety get to breathe easy and thoroughly enjoy a couple of hours of unwinding.

In addition, the pot also stimulates the appetite by inducing the munchies effect. It causes intense hunger and temporarily put an end to nausea and vomiting. Individuals struggling with eating disorders benefit from this feature.

Lastly, with the body and mind now free from worries, a trip to dreamland becomes inevitable. The ganja assures to end the high with all its users fast asleep. Insomniacs fall into a deep slumber without even trying.

Alas, like every other strain, the use of Yumbolt is not without any adverse offshoots. Having a smoke out while dehydrated may lead to cottonmouth and dry eyes. Meanwhile, excessive consumption may cause dizziness, headache, and mild paranoia.

Yumbolt Autoflower Seeds

Yumbolt is a cannabis plant that continues to make waves despite its rarity. Worthy of its popularity, the pot's potency and body-numbing high make capping off the night the highlight of the day. Growing its autoflowering Homegrown Cannabis seeds is also beneficial. Cultivators can harvest abundant indoor yields without exerting back-breaking efforts. Fans of this strain no longer have to play the guessing game if it's back on the shelf as they can grow their own stash for a year-round of toking.